Kvindeturnering 1
22/04/2017, 11:00
5 - 17
Aarhus Rugby Klub
Aarhus Kvinder

Match Report

A good day here for the girls.
Game 1: CSR 12 – 10 ARK
Game 2: ARK 0 – 31 Speed
Game 3: Hundested 5 – 17 ARK
Game 4: ARK 37 – 0 Odder

Really good performances. First game insanely close. Could have gone either way. Second game was a great defensive effort but the speedy speed got around us. I should point out they beat us 76-0 last year. Huge improvement and some good tackles. Third game was physical but once we got the ball out wide got a few tries in. Final game great pressure to turn the ball over and good spotting of gaps to get through.

All in all brilliant day and great improvements from last year.