Studying in Aarhus? Try rugby!

Fancy playing for a local team that regularly competes for the Danish Championship with loads of expats? Aarhus Rugby Klub welcomes all international students, both male and female – even if you’re only herefor a few months. You’ll make new friends, enjoy the level of rugby (competitive or social) and maybe even go back home with a medal in your suitcase. If you are studying at Aarhus University then you are just a few minutes away from Aarhus Rugby Klub.

The Logistics

The club is located around 10- 15 minutes away from Aarhus University and you can get there easily by bike, bus or car. Lots of players live in town so organizing a lift is no problem. If you’re studying in Horsens the club is about 30 minutes away. Training is twice a week (from 18.30 to 20.30 for men and from 17.30 to 19.00 for women) on Tuesdays and Thursdays and games are on Saturdays kicking off at 14.00 for men. 7’s tournaments for women take place 8 to 10 times a year all around the country.

Find us at Vårkjærvej 75, 8260 Viby J


We speak English

Aarhus Rugby Klub (ARK) has several expats who permanently live in Aarhus, including Australian, English, Welsh, Spanish, French and many more. Senior coaching is conducted in English. Danes are also brilliant at English, so you’ll always be able to communicate well on and off the field. As an international player, you’ll build a network of friends that last much longer than your stay in Aarhus.

We are good

Over the last 5 years ARK’s men’s team has won the Danish Championship 3 times whilst also picking up a silver and a bronze. The ARK women’s (7’s) team is rapidly growing and are becoming increasingly successful – they also boast a great social scene. Your experience and impact as an international student is a major key to our success – so come down and win a medal with us! You’re also very welcome to join our 2nd team, where there’s a wide range of level of experience.

Travel, socialise and have a laugh

Our away games (covering most of Denmark, and often in Copenhagen) give you the chance to see other parts of Denmark. Typically, we take our own bus, giving you the opportunity to get cheap travel (free with membership) to other areas of the country. Our resident players are on hand with advice on what to see, what to ignore and where to get a few pints down you.

The club has a good social side to it- with theme nights and events after most games. We always stay for a few beers at the clubhouse after a home game and the trips on the bus back from Copenhagen are stuff of legend.

Come on down to Aarhus Rugby Klub

So whether you’re male or female, in Aarhus or Horsens, a beginner or experienced we want you to join us at Aarhus Rugby Klub. We know you’ll make a significant impact on our club and can guarantee you’ll leave with new friends, experiences and rugby memories for life. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and come down to training.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Facebook or here.

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