Generalforsamling 2021
Indkaldelse til Generalforsamling 2022

Referat af ordinær generalforsamling 2021 i Aarhus Rugby Klub

Tilstedeværende: 19

Valg af dirigent (choice of chair)

Louis K. Tetevide is chosen as chair. The chair concludes that the AGM has been announced timely and that the agenda follows the regulations.

Formandens beretning samt uddeling af ’årets m/k’ (Chaiman’s account)

Anna: Thank you for coming despite it being outdoors and that we can’t serve food or beers given the corona restrictions. It’s gonna be a very different AGM, slightly boring as we have no presentation with photos. Given the weather and us being outdoors, we’ll keep it short. This is also quite easy, because 2020 kind of never happened due to corona.

We have had little training and only few games, but thank you to the coaches who made it work under the constantly changing restrictions. You ensured that we could have some form of training whenever it was allowed. There was not much to train for, though. Only a few German games for the men, and one game for the women, few things for the youth too.

Not only rugby was missing, socials too! No Hawaii party, no Scandinavian 7’s, no Christmas party. A sad year. But at least Fastelavn before lockdown and Summer Ølympics and lock-in when we had a window of opportunity happened. Hopefully 2021 will be very different and offer much more in terms of both rugby and the social stuff.

Thank you to the players for sticking around and paying fees despite of the diminished rugby activity! This is vital for the club, and we would have been in trouble if you hadn’t.

Speaking of money, this is one of the few bright spots to point out: we have been blessed with funds and prizes in 2020, which has been very good timing! Jonathan will return to this in the financial statement.

The influx of money from fundraising and prizes means that we can improve the facilities: changing rooms, flagstones, heat pumps, etc. But even with money, we need volunteer work to make it happen, so THANK YOU to all who helped with this volunteer work! We can’t name everyone, but we’re grateful! Named should be: Jonathan, Giles, Wes, Adrien, Emma, Maria,who were there a lot. And in particular Dawid and Jens HH who were there every single Saturday with me for 3 months during corona spring finishing the construction work on the changing rooms.

Tonight, we also have another person to pay special tribute to, our Man/Woman of the Year. It’s a man. He’s a person always saying “yes, of course”, when asked to help. Someone who takes more responsibility, organizes, and volunteers for more tasks than most. Someone who – to quote someone from the women’s team – dares talking to the ladies and who’s super super sweet. It is, of course, our Master of Clothes: Pierre Vallée!

This was the year gone by, let’s look to the future of ARK: Babies born in 2020! Huge congratulations to the following players: Bradley had a son, Kaare a daughter, Kenneth a son, Niels PD a daughter, Uwe double trouble; Twin daughters, Mille a son, and Dawid a daughter. We look forward to seeing all of the kids on the pitch in a few years.

Fremlæggelse og godkendelse af foreningens regnskab (financial statement)

Jonathan: 2020 looks pretty different than other years in ARK. We still had many expenses building on the changing rooms etc., and we had next to no income in terms of bar sale due to the corona restrictions. But we also had an enormous success in terms of fundraising and prizes. This means that we could cover more or less all the expenses. So after spending more than two hundred thousand on facility improvements, we still end up with only an 8,000 DKK deficit. In a year with no income from bar sale given corona restrictions, this is pretty impressive! Also, again, we have great members who pay their fees despite the lack of activity. Very different from our neighboring football clubs who have had maybe less than halt their players paying. It shows that our players care about the club, and it’s the foundation for everything we do.
Louis: Is there a budget for 2021?
Jonathan: Yes, a rough one, people interested can contact Jonathan and get it.

Fremlæggelse og godkendelse af kontingent (club fees)

We have no changes to club fees this year apart from the reduced and flat 600 DKK men’s fee in spring given the diminished activity and therefore decrease in transportation costs. So in autumn the fees are as we decided last AGM: 500 for second team, 1,000 for first team (men); 600 for women; 600 for the big kids, 300 for the small.

Indkomne forslag (received proposals)

No proposals have been received, nor does the board have any this year.

Valg af bestyrelsesmedlemmer samt formænd for udvalg (election of board)

Louis: The treasurer is elected this year, while the secretary and chairman are not.
Jonathan: I am willing to continue.
With no other candidates, Jonathan is elected and applauded.
Anna: Jens stays as Youth’s Rep, Emma stays as Women’s Rep, and Mike stays as Men’s Rep, thank you all for that! But we are saying goodbye to our beloved Chief as Clubhouse Rep. Thank you Chief for all you work. We will miss you in the board meetings! Chief is given gin and gin glasses as a small goodbye present. Chief: Thank you, and everyone please help the new Clubhouse Rep!

Anna: With Chief’s goodbye, we need a new Clubhouse Rep, do we have a volunteer?

Wesley Bolger: Yep! With no other candidates Wes is elected and applauded.

Valg af revisor (election of accountant)

Louis: Do we have a candidate for accountant?

Adrien: Yes! With no other candidates Adrien is elected and applauded.

Diverse (any other business)

Anna: We have no other business. This concludes the meeting. Thank you for today.

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